Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Voting Reform 11: Another name for AV... #referendum

The better name for AV is Instant Run-Off voting.

In the first round, everyone votes for the candidate they want to win. If no one gets an outright majority of 50%, there is a second round.

The definite loser is eliminated, and essentially everyone votes again (it's 'instant' because we only need to go to the polls once). If your candidate was last, you vote for your second preference. If not, your vote remains with your first.

So in each round you vote for your first candidate unless they're no longer in the race, in which case you vote for your next preference, and so on.

It carries on like this until someone wins properly - not just with 25 or 30% of the vote, as can and does happen now.

We go to the polls once, but all of our votes are counted as many times as necessary for one candidate to win with a majority. Everyone's votes are counted in each round!


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